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To allow you to facilitate the distribution of our product, MSC Cruises offers the possibility to integrate your systems to ours, via XML or through a white lable system
With XML integration we define all the technologies that allow external web booking systems to book MSC Cruises products. Through XML integration, prices and availability are provided in real time and all bookings made by customers are automatically recorded in our system, without back office activities. Depending on the level of integration selected, XML allows partner websites to manage: the display of products and prices; estimates; options and confirmations; payment connected to the dealer's system. The website can be developed to manage: individual bookings (Frequent Individual Travelers, FIT) and / or groups; onboard services; cruise packages plus MSC flight.
The website can be developed by the web partner agency on the basis of:
MSC API Technology: MSC Cruises provides the proprietary application programming interface (API), but the development of the website is under the responsibility of the Travel Agent / Tour Operator;
Third Party API Technology: If the reseller is already connected to a Web Services Aggregator providing a specific API technology, the MSC Cruises system can also be connected to you, giving the retailer a multi-supplier tool.
To request XML integration, you must complete and sign the Non-Disclosure agreement available into this portal as a new affiliation request.
Flat file
The Flat File (FF) is a text document containing the products and FIT rates of MSC Cruises available on a specific market. This document allows online partners to develop a website with a "search tool" and a "quick request function". It can be downloaded daily from our systems to be uploaded to the retailer's website. The Partner's website is therefore not linked directly to the MSC Cruises system, but to a local database that contains all MSC products, routes and fares provided by the FF. The Flat File is exactly like a catalog and does not allow booking activities. It is an effective tool for generating leads. With this system, Partners can search for products and prices, and request ad hoc FIT estimates. The reservation can be confirmed in MSC systems, depending on the actual process.
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